Retro astronauts battle carnivorous plants on a foreign planet

 Hostile World  

Retro astronaut with raygun, carnivorous plant wrapped around another astronaut
Retro astronaut being chased by carnivorous plant on alien planet

 Hostile World Part 1 

 Hostile World Part 2 

A group of aliens is greeted on Earth by a dog with a red rubber ball
Three alien beings stare down at the viewer

 The Ambassador  

Stranger in a Strange Land   

Girl warrior with white wolf in a cave overlooking a valley


YA Magical Fantasy Book Cover

 Book Cover 3 available  

A post-apocalyptic scene with a redheaded confident woman, with trenchcoat and gun

 Book Cover 1 available  

A fantasy scene of a young girl with her pet dragon in a wildflower meadow, with mountains in the background

Jenny's Dragon

Creepy zombie woman with crown of thorns crawling out of a moonlit swamp


Fanciful tree with autumn colors


Little girl in pjs with teddy bear and dog, out in open field looking at moon with fairies

The Call

Mystery/Thriller Book Cover (available)

 Book Cover 2 available  

A skeleton in a tuxedo and tophat, within a blue cavern, smiles at a colorful pinwheel

Pretty Things

Steampunk woman with raven, spilling inkwell and papers flying around

Ups and Downs

horror demonic beast in eerily lit forest with glowing baby carriage


Woman's face half submerged in water

Going Under

Illusration of scary cave with bat hanging from ceiling and skeleton; man with flashlight