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Three alien beings stare down at the viewer

Stranger in a Strange Land   



An alien abduction scene

Eyes Wide Open

Retro astronaut being chased by carnivorous plant on alien planet

 Hostile World Part 1 

A girl in a blue dress with a unicorn in a flowering meadow with a waterfall

The Magical Meadow

Nerves of Steel

Nerves of Steel

Epic Fail

2084 revised_ St. James sm.png


Love Letters to the Universe

Love Letters to the Universe

Breach of Sector 5

Breach of Sector 5

Retro astronaut with raygun, carnivorous plant wrapped around another astronaut

 Hostile World Part 2 

A fox sleeping in a flowering glade with a fairy asleep on his tail

The Softest Bed

Jenny's Dragon for website.png

Jenny's Dragon

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